IHUK Website

For Independent Hostels UK by Mishmedia + Penultimate Media

Website: independenthostels.co.uk

IHUK are the UK’s largest network of hostels and each year they publish a book called ‘The Independent Hostel Guide’, but in recent years their website has become the centre focus.

When they decided it needed refreshing, it needed to make all the information that is published in the book filterable by the public and editable by the staff, and also include the ability for hostels to log-in and access private forums. So we created a custom-themed site powered by WordPress, but customised it extensively to meet IHUK’s requirements.

Although the site is now live and with visitors staying for twice as long as before*, we keep working on improving it with regular maintenance.

*February-April 2015 Google Analytics reported Avg. Session Duration had increased by 52.56% from last year.