Google Apps for Work

We recommend and set our clients up on Google Apps for Work for a number of reasons:

A Powerful Set of Tools

You can use as much or as little of it as you like, but the Google Apps for Work suite offers a huge range of integrated products. If you get an email from someone with a date on it, you can easily click the date and it’ll add an entry onto your calendar. From there you can schedule an attached video call in which you can share a document that you both simultaneously work on. Click here for a full demonstration.

  1. Reliabile & Secure

  2. Google offer a robust & secure cloud solution with a guarenteed 99.9+% uptime. Furthermore, all your information is automatically backed up and they have top-quality industry experts on hand working on the infrastructure, constantly improving their game. Activating two-factor-authentication (as used in online banking) allows for even greater security.
  3. Flexibile with Remote Access

  4. The cloud-based structure not only allows for greater security and no need for manual backups, but it also allows for greater flexibilty with access from wherever you are in the world.
  5. Affordable

    The cost currently stands at just £3.30/user/month but as we get more of our clients on board, we’ll start to get group discounts which we can pass on to you!

  6. Scalable

  7. Being set up on the Google Apps infrastructure will work well for one employee, but it also can scale to enable collaboration amongst hundreds of users. It grows with your business.