Online Presence

We want your business to succeed, and in today’s world your online presence is increasingly important. This encompasses not only your website, but also how you appear on search engine results and any profiles you have on social media sites & directories; effectively wherever your business appears online.


Your website is still important as your single reference point of official information. In the eyes of the public if you don’t have a website you may as well not exist.
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You could have the most amazing website in the world, but if people aren’t directed to visit it, it’s like having a fantastic shop with no door to the highstreet or external signage.
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Social Media

Ever more important are social media sites & online directories. The big three of these are Facebook, twitter & Google+ and they tie in both with SEO and driving traffic to your site. If you lack inclination, skills or the time to manage those, we can cover that for you.
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In Summary

So as you can see your online presence is bigger than just your website, and includes several areas that we’d love to help you with. If you would like either advice or further help with this, give us a call.