Your Website

Your website is your ultimate reference point online. In the eyes of the public if you don’t have a website you may as well not exist.

Getting a New Website

If you don’t have a website, or think though you could do with an upgrade, we can either design & build a site especially for your business, or you can choose from our range of off-the-shelf pre-made templates. Furthermore, once the site is live, if you would like ongoing help, we also offer regular maintenance contracts to continue to update, manage & improve your website (content, design & code) as well as offering technical support to you and your staff. (Although you can also change content yourself, without knowing any code, by logging into the CMS.)

Responsive / Mobile Ready

It goes without saying that all of our sites are responsive. With 60% of all website traffic now coming from mobiles, it’s important that your website adapts to display well on all of them, especially now that Google also prioritises responsive sites on mobile search results.

Content Management System

We believe you should be able to change the information on your website without having to go through a coder, so we include a built-in Content Management System on all our sites, which means you can simply click ‘login’ and add, edit or remove content from the site yourself if/when you wish.
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Free Training Session

The CMS is quite intuitive, so many clients pick it up as soon as they’re given a login, but if you like we can walk you through how to access & edit the site and have you/your team on board in under an hour.

Hosting & Domain Registration

We also do hosting & domain registration for our clients, as it makes it easier to support and manage. (We know the buck stops with us rather than a third party.)

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What is Hosting?

A website needs to be stored on a computer that is always running and connected to the internet, so that it is always available should someone request to view the site. This is known as hosting and the dedicated computers are known as servers.

What is Domain Registration?

The ‘addresses’ of the servers mentioned above aren’t very user friendly. You’d have to type something like into your address bar. Registering a domain name puts a user-friendly sign-post in place. Typing ‘’ into your browser will take you to ‘’ the address of the server where the bbc website is stored. It’s generally recommended to buy the .com and (or .org and for organisations)