Content Management System (CMS)

We believe you should be able to change the information on your website without having to go through a coder, so we include a built in CMS on all our sites, which means you can simply click ‘login’ and add, edit or remove content from the site yourself if/when you wish.

Powered by…

We use a popular professional CMS called WordPress (.org not .com) to manage our content, and our online shops are powered with a fantastic plugin called Woocommerce.

WordPress’ large userbase means that security loopholes are spotted fast and fixed with the next update, and if you have a question, the chances are that someone else has already asked it on one of the many support forums. It would take us forever and a day if we were to create such a CMS from scratch ourselves, and any updates or policing would be up to us alone.

Free Training Session

The CMS is quite intuitive, so many clients pick it up as soon as they’re given a login, but if you like we can walk you through how to access & edit the site and have you/your team on board in under an hour.