Website Maintenance

A website is as constantly changing as your business, and the market is constantly changing. If you would like ongoing help with keeping your website up-to-date, we also offer regular maintenance contracts to update, manage & improve your site as well as offering technical support to you and your staff.

Content & Design

The users’ experience on your site is key if you are to win new customers, as is decent fresh content (the latter also helpful for staying at the top of Google). And users’ needs and preferences change as fast as the market itself. But because we are immersed in the world of website design, we are aware of the trends that come and go, and of the techniques that used to attracted customers but now put them off. (For instance, the move from shiny-flashy-gradient-design to flat-design to material-design) Having experts on your team as part of your ‘council’ is invaluable.

Code & Plugins

A good thing about using WordPress & its plugins is that if a bug or security vulnerability is found, it is quickly patched and an update is released. This means that not only does upgrading adds new features from time to time, but it is a necessity to keep your site safe & functioning well.

The other thing is that, no matter how long they’ve been going, coders are constantly learning new techniques & standards, and the most well-structured website can always be slimmed down to load that little bit faster.