WordPress Update Management

From: £7.50 / month

Regularly updating your plugins, theme & core code is essential for the security & performance of your site. Running the updates directly on your website though can break it or cause issues. We can manage the process for you and take steps to protect you against problematic updates. (See details below)



Basic (monthly) £5

We’ll take backups of the plugins in question and the database, and then run the updates directly on the ‘live’ website.
This cuts the cost considerably, but if an update results in a bug, it will be public on the live site for a few minutes whilst we roll back the changes. Recommended for smaller clients who are less reliant on their website.

Advanced (monthly) £15 + £30 one-off setup

We’ll take a complete backup (files+database) to create a ‘local’ copy of your site and then run the updates on this ‘local’ copy to make sure it’s ok before making the changes on the ‘live’ site.
This costs more, but if an update results in a bug, we’ll spot them before they ever appear on the ‘live’ website. Recommended for larger clients who are heavily reliant on their website being bug-free!

Required Access

  • FTP access for the files
  • phpmyadmin access for the databases
  • SSH terminal access for git (version control) – Advanced only

The site would be updated each month, and you’d get a report along the lines of:

Hi Mr Bloggs,

WordPress has safely been updated to v4.6
13 plugins have safely been updated
4 themes have safely been updated

The ‘WP Google Maps‘ plugin has not been updated, as it would result in a bug.
The ‘Arcade‘ theme has not been updated, as it would result in a bug.
Would you like us to look at fixing these bugs? (Tech-support rates would apply)
Warm regards…

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